Appeal Filed in Regards to 8/4 Penalties

An appeal was filed by TC Smith racing in regards to the penalties handed down after the incident on 8/4. A letter was written to the MSCS board of directors appealing the penalties. The board took into consideration all the factors that played into the penalty decision. The three teams involved were penalized with a 10 point deduction per car and a $375 fine. And two teams had crew members suspended for two weeks. After consideration the board has made the decision to give the points back to all the teams involved. They also said that the fines and suspensions were to be enforced and was penalty enough. So all the teams involved will be receiving their points back. Fines have already been paid by all teams involved and the suspensions to the two crew members has been served. Both crew members are welcome back starting this Friday the 25th at the Grundy County Speedway.

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