Nightly Race Payout Structure

Standard nightly payouts will be distributed as follows:

1st-10th place $50 per car

11th - ? place $25 per car

You MUST complete at least one lap in the feature race to be eligible for standard nightly payouts.

The 1st Avenue Construction and Electrical fast qualifier will receive $50 on top of standard payout.

If additional purse money is available for any race it will be announced before the heat race for that evening at the drivers meeting. The payout structure of the additional purse money will be determined by the race director prior to the event and placed in a sealed envelope. At the drivers meeting one team representative from each team will sign this sealed envelope stating their agreement to the race director's decision. The envelope will be opened after the feature race to reveal the structure of how the extra money will be paid.

If there are any questions about this matter please contact me by email or phone so we can discuss.

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